Founded in 2016 by Creative Director Tatiana Lim, Laveau is created with the hope of helping people appreciate beauty within imperfection. Drawing from childhood imaginations and experiences, Lim creates drawings of “monsters”, which are her nightmare in character form, to represent one’s fears, pains, anger, and other emotions. From these monsters, Lim extract pieces from the drawings and recreates it into the adventurous, whimsical, and ethereal prints featured in Laveau’s designs to commemorate and appreciate the hurdles one has to go through in life. Inspired by the childhood dreams and imaginations of Lim, the prints are symbolic of the boundless imagination of childhood that our Creative Director wants for those who wear Laveau to remember.

With a lifelong passion for fashion and the arts, Lim enrolled in Parsons School of Design where she studied to become a designer. As a true citizen of the world. Lim splits her time between United States, Asia, and Europe. This dichotomy of culture inspires the essence of the Laveau brand.

Our Prints:
As a brand that focus on prints, we understand the damage that printing pigments has on our environment. In order to reduce that, Laveau works with vendors who uses more environmentally friendly pigments to produce our beautiful and whimsical prints.

Limited Supplies:
We design and produce small amounts of items each collection so that we can eliminate and reduce excess waste, and focus on delivering the highest quality of goods to you. We also work with small businesses to produce our pieces to ensure that our goods are of exceptional quality. Quality over quantity right?

In order to further reduce waste and ensure that our products do not end up in landfills, we put some of our items on pre-order. You order it, we make it.

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